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USB Lock Down 1.0

USB Lock Down is a tiny tool to prevent users from writing to USB devices
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USB Lock Down is a tiny tool that may be used to prevent users from writing anything to USB Portable devices. The design is very simple. After program installation just two clicks must be done to prevent writing to USB Keys, USB card readers or Memory Sticks. As I see the main purpose of this utility, it is to prevent unauthorized copying of PC content. This utility can operate in stealth mode. When there is an attempt of writing to a USB flash device, an error pops up: “The disk is write protected. Remove the write protection or use another disk.”

I tested this program using a 2Gb USB stick and a 80Gb Sata hard drive connected via USB. The main issue discovered: the program is not able to prevent writing to Sata Hard disk connected to USB using Sata-USB adapter as it is recognized as a "Local" hard drive. It can be said that this program is able to block writing attempts to USB flash drives only. So the utility is not quite working correctly. In addition, I did not manage to run this program in stealth mode. I would recommend to find another program for this purpose.

Igors Sevastjanovs
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